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Naty has been involved in archery for close to 25 years. He has earned several national titles in Mexico and sported the national team jersey as a team member, earning Mexico their first international gold medal in archery in 1992 and at 3 world championships, as well as a national coach. He has been an influential advocate for the sport, spurring its growth throughout Mexico and Latin America. He has been a frequent guest speaker at seminars and training camps around the world, including his home country of Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, South Korea and India among others. Since 2002 he has advised Baja California’s Athletic Institute in the creation of a youth archery program that currently serves over 150 young archers every year. Dozens of these archers have gone on win national titles, become members of national archery teams, and earn international ranking as well as world championships. His goal is to have Robin Hood Archery continue to influence the sport at an international level for many years to come.



Carmen has been a passionate archer for 20 years. Her skills in the sport have earned her 8 national titles and a top 10 world ranking status. She was a member of the national team that earned Mexico their first international championship in archery at the Central American Games in 1992. Since then she has participated in 5 world championships and 22 international and world ranking events. She is certified by the National Archery Association as an Intermediate Archery Instructor and has had the opportunity to be a guest coach for the Baja California Jr. Olympic team the past 5 years.  Carmen is currently a member of the Mexican National Archery Team or 2012. Carmen is Robin Hood’s international account customer service representative.




Josahan has been shooting since she was 7 years old. She has 2 Mexican Jr. national titles and two sub championships at Central and Pan-American games under her belt. She was recruited in 2003 to be part of Texas A&M’s Women’s Varsity Archery Team where she helped A&M earn three women’s US colligate national titles. Jos is a three time Colligate All-American. Since then she has organized several coaching seminars, training camps and national tournaments. Her involvement in the sport has included guest lecturing for archery seminars as well as translating archery programs for some of the top figures in the sport. She currently holds a Community Coach certification by the National Archery Association and is the head archery instructor for Robin Hood Archery, creating and supervising archery programs and community outreach events in her community.



Hafid- You can say Hafid was born into this sport, being introduced to archery at 3 years old. He has proven himself to be an extraordinary archer with 5 national titles, 4 international event titles and 6 sub-championships. He’s won dozens of medal matches; he has participated in 5 Archery World Cups, has earned 3 team world championships and has 40 world ranking events to his name. He is currently a member of the Mexican National Archery Team en route to the 2012 World Cup series and University World Championships all by the age of 22. He is Robin Hood Archery’s expert bow technician and an avid bow hunter.





Karla has been a member of the archery community since she was very young. She is a gifted recreational archer with several years of coaching experience. She is certified as a Level 3-NTS Coach by the National Archery Association and specialized in working with children and novice archers, instilling in them strong fundamental principles of archery in order for them to safely and confidently pursue archery independently.  She has also currently been working in coaching children with disabilities such as Autism






Kena is a highly talented archer having a very successful archery career. She was a member of the Mexican National Team at Central American Games medaling in each of 7 division and earning Mexico its first international championships in archery. Since then she has participated in 4 Indoor, Outdoor and Field world championships for Mexico. Kena has been certified as an Intermediate Instructor by the National Archery Association for over 10 years and has extensive experience working with children, large groups and archers with disabilities with much success and many happy students.






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